• Front Desk Staff

  • Malani Yabsley

    Malani Yabsley is a born and raised California-girl. She earned her BA in Marketing and Advertising and immediately moved to San Diego to live her dream as an Ad Account Executive. After making her way from traditional to digital advertising, learning "just enough to be dangerous" about each facet, and taking great care of her clients, Malani decided it was time to take care of herself. She found her passion in fitness and learned she wanted to be a part of something that would help people find their best selves. After moving to the Bay Area with her husband, she found her Yoga practice and second home at Grace Yoga. Grace Yoga has helped Malani go further in depth with the inner workings of Yoga and the true meaning of a "Yogic Lifestyle" that has truly been one of the best things about moving here.

    When she's not working the desk or on the monthly newsletter, Malani enjoys spending her time with her amazing husband, learning hula, and traveling as much as possible.

  • Morgan LeClaire

    Morgan LeClaire grew up in the northern woods of Minnesota where her love of nature, silence, and adventurous play was nurtured.  Her interest in yoga and meditation began early and continued to grow over the years, resulting in an on-and-off practice that always left her wanting more.  In the summer of 2016, Morgan moved to California to pursue her Master’s degree in Drama Therapy.  Determined to use this time to manifest a myriad of positive changes, she dedicated herself to finding a job to fit her lifestyle-- one that would leave her stimulated and restored, rather than drained and cranky.  Through the magic of Craigslist, Grace Yoga emerged as an opportunity for self-discovery, community, and growth— and it’s the most smiley group of coworkers she’s ever had.

  • Ivette Ronquillo

    Ivette Ronquillo was born and raised in the small town of Half Moon Bay. She will be receiving her Associates Degree in Business Administration in June and will pursue a Bachelor’s degree in accounting. While continuing to work in her field of study, she got the opportunity to join the Grace Yoga team in July 2016. Working at Grace Yoga has made her realize the importance of healing and finding peace of mind. What she enjoys most about Grace Yoga is the positive and bright energy that the Yogis and Yoginis bring when they walk in. When she is not working or at school, Ivette prefers to spend her free time with family, catching up with friends while eating a delicious meal, or cuddling with her dog.

  • Jane Gehrke joined the Grace Yoga team in April of 2017 while finishing her 200-hr Yoga Teacher Training at College of San Mateo. She currently lives in Burlingame where she grew up. She received a BFA in Painting and Drawing in 2013 and maintains her art practice at her studio in San Francisco. She was drawn to begin her yoga practice to help relieve back pain and achieve greater strength/flexibility and has found the deeper rewards in learning to gain awareness.

    Jane spent the last two years working as a Barista, and still loves a good cup of coffee. She also enjoys hiking, biking, board games, and science fiction.

  • Gina Rivera

    Gina Rivera was born in the Philippines and raised in San Francisco.  She received her Bachelor of Science in Business Management-Marketing and was in sales for over 28 years. One day she decided she wanted to start concentrating on health and fitness and decided to try yoga. Her first introduction to yoga was at Grace--and never left. Since then she's become a regular at the studio and in May joined the Front Desk team.

    Outside of yoga, she loves to travel and try different types of food.