• Front Desk Staff

  • Morgan LeClaire

    Morgan LeClaire grew up in the northern woods of Minnesota where her love of nature, silence, and adventurous play was nurtured.  Her interest in yoga and meditation began early and continued to grow over the years, resulting in an on-and-off practice that always left her wanting more.  In the summer of 2016, Morgan moved to California to pursue her Master’s degree in Drama Therapy.  Determined to use this time to manifest a myriad of positive changes, she dedicated herself to finding a job to fit her lifestyle-- one that would leave her stimulated and restored, rather than drained and cranky.  Through the magic of Craigslist, Grace Yoga emerged as an opportunity for self-discovery, community, and growth— and it’s the most smiley group of coworkers she’s ever had.

  • Angela Balistreri

    Angela Balistreri was born and raised in San Bruno, CA and later moved to Washington state to attend Gonzaga University. It is there that she received her undergraduate degree in Sociology while minoring in Political Science, Women's and Gender Studies, and Solidarity and Social Justice. Following graduation, Angela returned home to the Bay Area where she began her time working at Grace Yoga along with interning at a San Francisco nonprofit. Connecting with the Grace Yoga community has been a breath of fresh air and the staff, instructors, and clients fill her days at the studio with positivity. Having only taken yoga classes intermittently throughout college, she is eager to expand and deepen her yoga practice at the Grace Yoga studio. Through yoga, Angela feels more grounded in her life and a greater connection to her mind, body, and soul. Apart from her time at the yoga studio, she loves spending time outdoors, dancing, and traveling.

  • Maureen Garcia

    Maureen Garcia knew Grace Yoga was what she had been looking for.  After closing her retail store of 10 years in Berkeley and taking some time off, Maureen knew she wanted to work at another small business and continue connecting with great people, clients and staff alike.   Having practiced yoga off and on for many years, Maureen has recently incorporated more yoga into her daily life (and is that much happier for it).  She lives in Pacifica with her husband, dog, and two cats and loves running and hiking local trails while listening to audiobooks.

  • Tim Brosnan

    Photo and bio coming soon!

  • Gaby Zamora

    Gaby Zamora was raised in San Mateo.  She is a mom of two girls, ages 11 and 4; they like to spend summers at the beach or traveling to places with hot weather. Gaby graduated from Marinello School of Beauty in 2012 and received her Esthetics License. After working with a popular franchise for 6 years, Gaby realized the value of natural skincare products that didn't carry the side effects of harsh chemicals.  In 2017, Gaby opened her own skincare studio using a Certified Organic Skincare brand, providing natural holistic healing results.  Grace Yoga presented itself as she aspired to support small owned business and work in a low stress environment that would give her the flexibility to accomplish her goals and fulfill her adventurous life. She is now attending Hatha Yoga training which may possibly lead to a new career path...the possibilities of self-growth are endless. Gaby is always excited to experience what life has to offer next.