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  • Yogi Stars of the Month - April 2018

    Grace Yoga (GY): What are your personal reasons for starting and continuing your yoga practice? Aldo and Jane Ramon (A&J): We were interested in learning to relax and at the same time work on staying limber, strong, and independent to maximize our enjoyment in our senior years... Also, having [...]

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    Yogacharya of the Month - March 2018

    Grace  Yoga (GY): What inspired you to become a yoga instructor and how has your practice changed since becoming a yoga instructor? Celina Ngiam (CN): I started yoga in 2004 as a physical practice and to destress. As I started doing more yoga, I was amazed by the benefits. Yoga has increased the [...]

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    Yogi Star of the Month - February 2018

    Grace Yoga: Leslie, can you describe your journey to yoga, what keeps you coming back, and how you live your practice? Leslie Trikha: What brought me to yoga 16 years ago was pain. Low back pain and sciatica, a by-product of ten years as a nurse caring for very sick patients. Nursing in the [...]

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