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  • Yogi Star of the Month - November 2017

      Grace Yoga (GY): For the month of November, we're concentrating on Yoga Sutra 2.33: When the mind is disturbed by negative thoughts, one should dwell on their opposites. Diana, what are your thoughts on how this sutra connects to your yoga practice?  Diana Galaviz (DG): I believe that  [...]

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    Yogacharya of the Month - September 2017

    Grace Yoga (GY): Julienne, you say you fell in love with yoga way back in 2005, as a student. What inspired you to become a yoga instructor and how has your personal practice changed since then? Julienne Hernandez (JH): The more I practiced yoga and learned the postures, the more I wanted to share [...]

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    Yogi Stars of the Month - August 2017

    Grace Yoga (GY): Please describe your journey to yoga--your personal reasons for beginning (and continuing) to practice. Pat and Lilian (P&L): Several years ago and over the course of several years I (Pat) tried some yoga classes but didn't feel any connection. So I quit. Then, when we moved [...]

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