• Kevin's playful energy stays in the studio far after he leaves. His bright smile and commitment to his practice serves as a shining example of how beneficial the practice of self-care can be. Kevin is kind, thoughtful, and welcoming to those around him. His support of Grace Yoga is received with great thanks and we are delighted to have him within our walls.


    What is your personal reason for starting and continuing your yoga practice? 

    It was definitely the lower back pain. Note the past tense. Yoga has significantly reduced my lower back pain which was caused by simply sitting at a desk all day long.  I think most can relate to that.  My other motivations include: stress reduction, increasing flexibility and balance. The way for me to work towards those goals is by continuing the practice!  It is also helpful that Grace Yoga's instructors are extremely welcoming and attentive to your level of practice.
    How do you manage to incorporate a yoga practice into your lifestyle? 
    I typically attend yoga sessions at the end of the day during the week, and in the mornings on the weekend.  The currentschedule of the sessions fit well with the typical work hours, so there wasn't much need for a change to incorporate yoga. I truly enjoy the fact that I'm offered the opportunity to completely unwind at the end of the work day.

    Have you ever experienced a moment during a practice where you finally got into a difficult pose or truly understood how an asana was suppose to feel? Could you give us an example or description of how you felt?

    It was actually about two weekends ago where I was able to get into Sirsasana (Supported Headstand) without any help - thanks Erin!  We've been prepping over the past few months so it was amazing to finally experience entering the pose on my own.  My feet still need to rest on the wall - So,  I have more "work" to do. 
    Please tell us a little about yourself: career, family, background and anything else interesting you would like us to know.
    I grew up in the best city on the Peninsula - Millbrae!  Then I went on to UCLA to obtain my engineering degree and have been working in the clean technology industry for the last couple of years.  I have an older sister that also lives in the area.  I introduced her to the studio, but you probably won't see her for the next few weeks because she's due in August with her 2nd baby!  Congratulate her when she finds her way back on the mat!
    I have one story to tell...  I was in the 2nd car that drove through the Millbrae In-N-Out on the very first day that it opened.  Not only that - I was actually in a Millbrae Police cruiser.  I'll leave it to you to decide how I ended up in that situation...