•  GY: Danielle, What inspired you to become a yoga instructor?

    DG: Timing is everything, I knew years ago that I wanted to become a yoga instructor but life seemed to always get in the way. You know that saying if you don't have you're health, you don't have anything? Well, it wasn't until my health declined overnight back in 2015 and one amazing doctor later that inspired me to begin my own journey of healing through yoga and meditation. I knew I needed to heal myself on a very deep and spiritual level so that I would be able to help guide and serve others who are in similar situations. I had this overwhelming feeling of needing to be that person that I wish I had when I was going through the thick of it!

    GY: This month we are focusing on Vitality: What are some tools and techniques you apply to your daily routine to help maintain energy and vitality in your life? 

    DG: I believe it's very important to start your morning on a positive and calm note to set the tone for the day. I begin by setting an alarm about fifteen minutes earlier than I usually wake up, spend a few minutes gently stretching in bed, while setting aside sometime anywhere from five to fifteen minutes for a meditation on gratitude and abundance, followed by a healthy breakfast. Maintaining a healthy diet and hydrating throughout the day will help keep your energy levels up and vitality thriving. I am a firm believer in listening to your body, self - care maintenance is essential. When I feel my energy levels begin to deplete I will stop what i'm doing and take a few deep breaths to calm the mind and regain focus, if available, i'll take quick nap, attend a yoga class, or a hot Epsom salt soak. There a so many tools and techniques out there, it is all trial and error, you will learn what works best for you and your body over time!

    GY: What is your personal philosophy about maintaining a yoga practice with a busy lifestyle?

    DG: This is something that I continue to struggle with, along with many others, I go through these phases where I am on my mat and present at some point everyday and than a period of time where I'm on the mat only a handful of times a month due to prior commitments or life. I always remind myself  when I am in the latter phase to be kind with your thoughts, make the time to roll out the mat at home for a few minutes even if its just to sit, what matters is that you showed up, and gradually bring yourself back to your regular practice, your body, mind, and soul will thank you!