• Congratulations Patty Dobson!

    Patty has a keen ability to bring insight and loving instruction to her classes. Her concern for the complete well being of her students is evident from first interaction. Patty's gentle adjustments allows her students to meet challenges head on, without fear. We are so lucky to have such a sweet caring spirit in our studio.

    Patty, what lead you to the mat? Where did you do your teacher training?

    I took my first yoga class while recovering from surgery, and I fell in love with it. I wished to learn more and further deepen my practice. While in SF, I considered teacher training, but was hesitant and brushed the idea aside, unsure if it was the "right" time, if I was knowledgeable enough, or advanced enough in my practice.

    Where did you do your teacher training?

    I studied and was certified in Hatha Yoga at Triyoga in London, studying with deeply inspiring and humbling mentors, Jean Hall and Mimi Kuo Deemer, and philosophy teacher, Carlos Pomeda. Having lived in England for four years, working at the law firm and teaching yoga, it felt fitting to leave the corporate world, return to SF to settle down, and to focus on teaching. It's great being closer to my family. I love spending time with them and getting to know my two little nieces. I may be biased, but there's no place like the Bay!

    How did you become such a master of posture and alignment?

    Hahaha! I had this image of Yoda pop up in my head, floating in the air in Lotus Pose, but a master I am not! Past injuries and insightful teachers have greatly helped me in becoming a sensitive mindful yoga student and teacher. With past injuries, I had moments of powering through yoga poses, forcing my body into movements and shapes I wasn't ready for, resulting in pain, injury, and physical imbalance. I'm fortunate to have teachers who believed yoga wasn't a one size fits all kind of practice. They recognized the uniqueness of each student's body, rather than forcing them into cookie cutter shapes. They always took the time to offer alignment suggestions and physical adjustments based on my body. Teachers can only offer guidance, but at the end of the day, it's key for us to learn to pay attention and listen to our own bodies, notice how we're feeling, and respect it. This is vital in keeping practices safe, injury free and sustainable.

    Tell us something cool we don't already know about you.

    One interesting thing about my family is that my parents were pen pals for 5 years before they got married. They wrote regularly to each other, while my dad was in Belize and my mom was in Hong Kong. To me, that's pretty cool. Growing up with internet, emails, and text messaging, many of us are use to instant gratification. The idea of sending handwritten letters and cards to someone regularly via snail mail across countries, where they wouldn't receive it for weeks or where it could also get lost in the mail is simply beautiful. There's something very special about handwritten notes and letters. I also love that my dad was living in SF in the late 60s. I love that era! The music, vibe, things and changes that were happening or starting to happen like the civil rights movement...such an exciting, inspiring time of change and growth in the collective minds of many.

    I studied Poli Sci at UC Davis, with the intention of going to law school. I took the LSATS and nearly applied, but had a change of heart when I moved to LA. Always curious about drama and performing arts, I began taking improvisational classes after work for a couple of years, then acting. It was great fun, and I loved the technical side of creating a back story to enrich the subtext and intention in a given scene. I continued taking classes in SF, auditioning and acting in a couple of indie shorts.

    Thank you for being a mindful, thoughtful spirit. We are delighted to have you as a part of our Grace Yoga family. Namaste.