• Congratulations Misty Scholz!

    What inspired you to become a yoga instructor? 

    I look at it the other way around. Yoga inspires and supports the rest of my life. I found yoga at the age of 18. I have returned to it throughout my life for many reasons, from the joy of pregnancy to the pain of illness, injury, and grief. I have explored many practices over the years, hatha, flow, ashtanga, therapeutic, kundalini, restorative, acro, stand up paddleboard, bikram, yin, even a glow in the dark class this last summer!

    I had been thinking of taking a training for about 6 years and could not find space in my life. Two years ago at a lecture on yoga philosophy, the teacher introduced me to a meditation on abundance. This meditation was the beginning of a change.

    I became inspired to further my yoga training at a turning point in my life. I was facing a transformation and decided to turn towards abundance and take teacher training. It was a big decision for me at the time. I was healing from grief of the loss of my brother, and the life change of sending my youngest child off to college. I did not know if I would teach after training, just that my journey was leading me deeper into my yoga. I find that the practice offers exactly what is needed and what one is ready to make space for in life.

    I have been really blessed to have the support of this wonderful yoga community as I celebrate one year of teaching vinyasa yoga. It has been an incredible year.

    Misty, you are busy to say the least. You are a full time respiratory therapist, wife and mother of three. In addition, so far you have completed your 200 hour teacher training and are on your way to completing your 400 hour certificate. Have I missed anything? How do you manage to balance it all with your current classes?

    I do love to stay active, and my interests keep me going in many directions. I have enjoyed my challenging work as a Respiratory therapist at a trauma center for the  last 15 years.

    My husband of 23 years , and my 3 daughters aged 24, 21, and 19 keep me young.