• Congratulations, Aldo and Jane Ramon!

    Grace Yoga (GY): What are your personal reasons for starting and continuing your yoga practice?

    Aldo and Jane Ramon (A&J): We were interested in learning to relax and at the same time work on staying limber, strong, and independent to maximize our enjoyment in our senior years... Also, having a knowledgeable, experienced, and friendly yoga instructor makes participating in yoga a lot more beneficial and enjoyable. Attending our weekly yoga classes recharges our bodies and minds.

    GY: What additional benefits have you gained from your yoga practice that may not be offered in another form of exercise?

    A&J: In practicing yoga, Jane and I have improved and maintained our balance and these benefits of muscle strength and tone will provide us protection from injuries, such as falls... trying to avoid that senior foot shuffle... And in addition, we have met other classmates with mutual interest in staying fit and independent.
    GY: This month, we're focusing on Patanjali's Yoga Sutra 2.47: "Posture is mastered by relaxation of effort and meditation on the unlimited." What thoughts and ideas are sparked by this sutra for you?
    A&J: Meditating coupled with the body exercises offer the perfect outlet to achieve stress and frustrations relief from our daily challenges... Yoga meditation allows one to learn how to clear one’s mind of all the daily clutter and find peace.
    GY: Please tell us a little about yourself: career, family, background and anything else interesting you would like us to know.
    A&J: Jane and I are both retired. Jane worked for Chevron Oil Corporate Communications and I worked for United Airlines as a Quality Assurance Aircraft/Maintenance Specialist. We both were raised in San Francisco-Jane attended Lincoln High School and I attended Sacred Heart High School. In 1966 I joined the Marines and served in Vietnam while Jane protested the war. We first met at the San Francisco Italian American Club in North Beach. We have two children, Veronica and Austin. As retirees we both enjoy creating different mediums of art work, but our main interest is losing ourselves in the garden... the best free therapy nature could have created. ~Al & Lady Jane